Some scenery from I-10 on the way from Tucson to White Sands on Saturday morning (3-19-05)
At our first rest area on the way to White Sands
Some of the New Mexico DMAT at the White Sands Missile Range
Movie theater on the base. Older gentleman standing and the other gentleman behind him (3rd person in with the hat) were prisoners of war in Japanese camp
Sunday morning (0400). Moving out to respective positions for the Bataan Memorial March
Carl "Windy" Berghofer, NM-1 Lead Communications Officer
Diagram of frequency plan for the event
The communications van from which we were able to communicate with all four medical team stations (Note: The missile is not a part of the van)
"Windy" and Bob Jenney in the communications van
"Windy" and Bob Jenney in the communications van
A few of us at dinner on the base after the March. Don Scott (NM-1, in red with us) is also DMAT Communications and EMT
Casual attire. Just about to begin the trip back home about 0830 Monday morning
Leader, Bob Kappler steering us back to Tucson
Bataan Memorial March
(March 2005)

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